Posted by: Lisa Maruca | January 28, 2010

Another WSU conference opportunity

“Merriment, Mayhem and Masquerade?”–sounds like Love in Excess!

Call For Papers
8th Annual Graduate Student Conference

Conference Theme: Carnival; Merriment, Mayhem and Masquerade

Guest Speaker: Tom Conley
Professor Conley is the Abbott Lawrence Lowell Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures and Chair of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University.

Sponsored by the Classical and Modern Languages Graduate Forum
Wayne State University
Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Conference Date: Saturday, April 3, 2010

Submission Deadline for Abstracts: Friday, February 12th , 2010
From Brazil to Venice, from the ancient forum to Bourbon Street, festival time ushers in a period of merriment and mayhem. Often during these periods of celebration normal social codes are suspended or reversed. What are the important roles that these festivals play within a culture and how does their universality among cultures speak to the human condition? Come and explore Carnivals around the world and throughout history.

Abstracts for 20 minute papers are welcome. Topics include but are not limited to….

Carnivals across the World • Saturnalia • Banqueting, • Circuses • Festival Culture• the Grotesque • Masks • Bahktin • Commedia del’ Arte • Racial, Ethnic and Linguistic Identity • Colonization • Syncretism • Cross-dressing • Social and Sexual Transgression • Costumes • Pageantry •
Submission Criteria
1. Abstracts and papers must be in English.
2. Abstracts must not exceed 200 words.
3. Abstracts must contain the following information: name of presenter, affiliation and status, mailing address, e-mail address, title of paper.
4. Presentation time limit 20 minutes (8 page maximum).


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