Student Blogs

Fall 2017:

Bernie: And the Novel Rises

Devon: Blog

Emily: Emily Spanaugle

Erik: Enlightened Novels

Jan: Dangerous Reading

Jen: A Proper Bit of Frock

Joseph: Hanover Place

Kelly: Human Abstracts

Lujine: By a Lady

Maysa: Maysa’s Blog

Sean: Sean Renkert 

Zahraa: Bright Lights and Storyscapes


Catherine: Catherine in the 18th Century

Cooper: Adventures in the Academy

Derek: Derek’s Blog

Joe: The Rise of the Novel

Julia:  Oh! It is only a novel!

Kate: kkate9335

Melanie: Novel Musings

Nabilah: Rise of the Novel

Noha: The Novel, and Its Beginnings

Reema: marginalspaces

Ruth: Down and Down and Deeper

Sidne: Little Lyon Lady

Andie: Romance, Eighteenth-Century Style

Amy: On Eighteenth-Century Novels

Ashley:  Woman vs. Novel

Claudia:  Approach and Read

Elizabeth: Literary Adventures

Karen:  The Rise

Kimberly: Notes in my Margins

Renee:  The Age of Reason?

Shelley:  Gotta Love the Eighteenth Century!

Vinny:  What is a Novel Anyways?

Yvonne: yj’s rise of the novel blog


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