English 7024: The Rise of the Novel
Lisa Maruca

Required Texts:

The following can be found at either Barnes and Noble or Mar-Wil.

Aphra Behn, Oroonoko (Norton Critical Editions), 0393970140

Eliza Haywood, Love in Excess (Broadview), 1551113678

Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe (Broadview), 9781551119359

Samuel Richardson, Pamela (Oxford), 019953649X

Haywood, Anti-Pamela and Fielding, Shamela (Broadview), 9781551113838

Henry Fielding, Joseph Andrews (Oxford) 019283343x

Sarah Fielding, The Governess (Broadview), 1551114127

Charlotte Lennox, Female Quixote (Oxford) 0199540241

Ann Radcliffe, The Romance of the Forest (Oxford), 0199539227

Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey (Norton Critical Ed.), 0393978508

In addition, there will be a number of excerpted works scanned and placed on Blackboard.

Requirements: Students will keep a weekly online commonplace book (30%) for ten weeks (500 words/week) . Each student will also present an apprx. five-page “Worsksheet” on a critical/theoretical work (30%).  For a final project, there will be a choice of writing a traditional seminar paper or (preferably) participating in the collaborative creation of an online site dedicated to the course’s topic (30%).  The final 10% comes from regular attendance and vigorous participation.


Week 1: January 10          

Intro and Overview

Blog set up and link emailed to me by Monday 1/10

I. Erotics and Exotics

Week 2: January 17          

Behn, Oroonoko plus 91-161, 189-194, 232-256 in the Norton ed.

Sign up for report on Google Doc

Blog 1

Week 3: January 25          

Haywood, Love in Excess

Manley, Preface to The Secret History of Queen Zarah (1705)

Anon., Translator’s Preface to Theagenes and Charliclia  (1717)

Blog 2

Week 4: January 31          

Defoe, Robinson Crusoe

Dunton, from The Athenian Mercury (1692)

Romance” in Chamber’s Cyclopædia (1728)

Blog 3

Reports: Watt, Hunter, Arvamundan, Doyle, Ballaster

II. Morals and Markets

Week 5: February 7          

Richardson, Pamela vii-276

Blog 4

Reports: Sabor and Keymer, Barchas, McMurran

Week 6: February 14       

Richardson, Pamela (complete) and  Appendix I

Excerpt from Anon., Pamela Censured

Blog 5

Reports: Armstrong, Davis

Week 7: February 21       

Haywood, Anti-Pamela and H. Fielding, Shamela

George Colman (the Elder) and Bonnell Thornton, from The Connoisseur, No. 96 (1755)

Blog 6

Reports: Raven, Bahktin

Week 8:  February 28      

Guest Speaker: Joelle Del Rose, PhD Candidate, History, Wayne State University, “Sexuality and Material Culture”

H. Fielding, Joseph Andrews and excerpts from Tom Jones

Blog 7

Reports: Warner, Macpherson

III.  Right Reading and the Romance, Redux

Week 9: March 7   

S. Fielding, The Governess  and “Remarks on Clarissa” (1749), 1-13

Johnson, from Rambler (1750)

Blog 8

Reports: Todd, Moretti


Week 10: March 21          

Lennox, Female Quixote

Montagu, excerpt from Dialogues of the Dead (1760)

McKenzie, from The Lounger (1785)

Blog 9

Reports: Gallagher, Vermeule

Week 11: March 28          

Radcliffe, Romance of the Forest

John Kendall, from “Remarks on the Prevailing Custom of Attending Stage Entertainments: Also on the Present Taste for Reading Romances and Novels” (1794)

Hester Rogers, from “The Experience of Mrs. H.A. Rogers” (1796)

Blog 10

Reports: Price, Schmidgen, Wall

Week 12: April 4

NO CLASS—American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS) Conference in Cleveland April 3-7

Come to one day or more of conference or do Alternate Blog Assignment  on Clara Reeve, The Progress of Romance OR three articles from Eighteenth Century Fiction’s special issue on the “Reconsidering the Rise of the Novel“: Vol. 12: 2-3 (2000)

Week 13: April 11

Austen, Northanger Abbey

Reports on conference and alternate assignment; course wrap-up

Blog 11

Reports: Lynch

Week 14: April 18

Meet in FAB 1339 at 3pm for Master Class with Dr. Brian Cowan of McGill University on “Making Publics and Making Novels: Post-Habermasian Perspectives.”

Before the class, please try to read the two articles posted on the Bb Readings page.

Highly Recommended: WSU GEMS Symposium on April 19

Exam Week: April 25

Project presentations (bring treats!)

Final Projects due by email

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